It took three overtimes to get there, but eventually the Oklahoma City Thunder held off the Philadelphia 76ers 119-117, and after the final horn sounded, Russell Westbrook waved Joel Embiid off the court. "He told me to go home, man. I mean, this is my home, so I guess it's on him to go home," Embiid said. "They won the game. I give them a lot of credit -- they did a lot of things. But I mean, the dude shot like 10-of-33. I wish I would've shot 33 times. I guess we would've had a better chance of actually winning the game. But he told me to go home, man. This is my home. I ain't going nowhere." After Steven Adams fouled out in the third overtime, with Embiid forcing the foul, the Sixers big man pulled what has become a signature troll move, waving at Adams as he was disqualified from the game. Westbrook said he didn't appreciate the gesture. "I told him to go home," Westbrook said. "He was talking mess to Steve-O -- [who] fouled out -- waving to the crowd, which is unnecessary. Waving to Steve-O bye. You know, now it's time for him to go home." Things got chippy between Embiid and the Thunder earlier in the game, as he got into some trash-talking with Carmelo Anthony in the fourth quarter after Embiid scored an and-1 over Anthony.