The Broncos, two years after making it to the Super Bowl and winning it, have won only three of 12 games in 2017, with eight losses in a row and counting. The man running the football operation has concerns about how things have gotten to this point, but he vows to make no staff changes until the season ends. “We’re gonna finish the season out and, you know, obviously we know the expectations of the Denver Broncos,” G.M. John Elway told Dave Logan of Orange & Blue 760. “And this has been a tough year. It’s not what the Broncos are about. I’m embarrassed about it, the fact that this has happened, and will do my part to hopefully get this thing turned around next year, and the expectations of Broncos fans should be for us to get this turned around.” Elway pointed out that, apart from the eight straight losses, too many of them have happened by double digits. By 13 to the Giants, but 21 to the Chargers, by 10 to the Chiefs, by 28 to the Eagles, by 25 to the Patriots, and most recently by 26 to the Dolphins.