There is no such thing as “good news” for the Carolina Hurricanes when it comes to Cam Ward being out for an extended period of time, particularly when the 6-8 weeks he’s expected to miss is likely to encompass the rest of the regular season. So while a sprained medial collateral ligament that does not require surgery is leaps and bounds better than a torn anterior cruciate ligament that would require extended rehabilitation with implications for Ward’s career, it doesn’t change the fact that the Hurricanes will have to soldier on without him for the rest of this shortened season, when weeks might as well be months. This team is built around the concepts that Ward is good enough to make up for a run-of-the-mill defensive corps – which he wasn’t to begin the season but had been of late – and if the Hurricanes can just get into the playoffs, Ward is capable of getting hot and winning games on his own. Both of those concepts are out the window now. Read more here: