If Elias Lindholm won the battle, Gabriel Landeskog took the war.

At some point last year a friendly wager was hatched between two Swedes enjoying career seasons on dominant forward lines: Whoever finished with more points would be treated to dinner at a high-end Stockholm restaurant by the runner-up.

It was a tight race.

Lindholm, in his first campaign with the Calgary Flames, surged ahead of the Colorado Avalanche captain by outpacing him 31-21 from the end of December through the end of February. He then held on at the wire for a narrow 78-75 victory.

“I think I was ahead of him and then sort of right after we acknowledged there was going to be a bet his line completely took off,” said Landeskog. “Monahan and Gaudreau.”

At this late stage of the summer, it’s worth noting that Landeskog has yet to pay up.

The official word is that schedule conflicts have kept it from happening, but there may be some procrastination at play as well. Because when the chips were really down in the spring, Landeskog’s Avalanche dispatched Lindholm’s Flames in five games during an unexpectedly lopsided first-round series.