For the first time since he was a rookie, Eli Manning will have to learn a new offense. And he's pumped up for it. "In a way it will be exciting," the Giants quarterback said of having new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo for the 2014 season. "You have to come in and you have to learn some new things. Obviously, what the changes will be -- if it will be completely changed with the terminology and formations or if we'll keep some of those things and bring in all of his concepts -- I don't know if the coaches have all figured that out yet as well." Manning spoke with McAdoo, the former quarterbacks coach for the Packers, before he was hired. He said he was impressed by the different drills that McAdoo explained and his preparation. Manning said he has not yet spoken to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers about McAdoo, but Rodgers has given glowing reviews of his former position coach publicly. "I was very impressed with him and his offensive mindset," Manning said. "I'm excited about what he'll bring to the Giants. I look forward to getting into some meetings, getting with him, and seeing what I need to do better and how I can learn." The big question will be just how much McAdoo changes and how much Manning and Tom Coughlin keep from the old way of doing things, before Kevin Gilbride retired at the end of this past season. The old offense finished 28th in the NFL in 2013, but it also won two Super Bowls when the offensive line and receivers were functioning at a high level.