Lawyers for the memorabilia dealer who accused the New York Giants of forging game-used merchandise filed a motion seeking to get the case moved back to a New Jersey state court. The lawsuit brought by collector Eric Inselberg against Giants quarterback Eli Manning, the Giants, Giants CEO John Mara and others was originally filed in Bergen County on Jan. 29. Those plaintiffs -- minus Rutherford dry cleaner Barry Barone, who has yet to respond to the lawsuit -- had the case moved to U.S. District Court of New Jersey on Feb. 27. Michael Kasanoff, one of Inselberg's lawyers, told early Wednesday morning that the case should never have left state court. "It doesn't belong in federal court and it should never have been sent to federal court," Kasanoff said. "Eric is a New Jersey resident and the New York Giants are based at the Meadowlands." William O'Shaughnessy, the lead attorney for the plaintiffs (minus Barone) cited federal precedence that “no state court shall have jurisdiction over any claim . . . relating to patents.” Confused how a lawsuit that alleged the Giants manufactured game-worn items turned into a patent case? It was hardly the most explosive part of the lawsuit, but Inselberg developed and obtained patents related to wireless marketing to fans at live events.