Jerry Reese knew what was coming. After making no changes to the Giants’ offensive line in the offseason, the general manager finally had to explain his reasoning for bringing back the much-maligned unit, which has contributed to the team’s unthinkable 1-6 start. Of the first nine questions Reese was asked at his Tuesday afternoon press conference, seven were related to the offensive line. “People like to point at the offensive line. It’s totally not all on the offensive line,” Reese said. “We win as a team. We lose as a team. It’s a whole team effort that’s caused us to be where we are right now.” Reese is right. He is largely responsible, as he admitted. The coaching staff, too. Clearly, the offensive line carries some blame, as does a defense which has taken a tremendous step back. The season-ending injury to Odell Beckham Jr. hasn’t helped either. But Eli Manning wasn’t doing much even with his top playmaker. Behind the same offensive line that reached the playoffs last season, and allowed Manning to surpass 4,000 yards passing for the third straight season, the 36-year-old quarterback has led the third-lowest scoring offense (16 points per game) in the NFL, and is on pace for his fewest passing yards since 2008, and his second fewest-passing touchdowns in nine years.