An offseason elbow injury prompted LeBron James to adjust his shooting form, and the tweak is paying dividends for the Cavaliers star thus far. James told ESPN that his right shooting elbow mysteriously swelled to the size of a tennis ball a few weeks after the conclusion of the NBA Finals. It was concerning enough for James to have his elbow medically examined: X-rays came back negative, and an MRI showed no structural damage. James was quick to point out two things about the elbow injury: One, it was not bothering him during the playoffs and had no impact on the Cavs' 4-1 loss to the Golden State Warriors; and, two, it was nothing like the elbow injury that plagued him in the 2010 postseason, which ended in disappointment for Cleveland before James bolted for the Miami Heat. "That was different. That was so different. I would get to here," James said forming his arm in an L-shape, "and get right here and it would just lock." Still, it was something that James had to deal with as he tried to get over the sting of the loss to the Warriors and ready himself for revenge in the 2017-18 season. "I don't know where it came from," James told ESPN after the Cavs' 119-112 win over the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday. "I was working out in L.A. in late June, and my wife was like, 'What's wrong with your elbow?' I'm like, 'What?' ... The weirdest s---."