Most of the players who signed new contracts as free agents in the fall of 2020 became eligible this past weekend to be traded. That list includes a handful of major offseason additions, such as Hornets forward Gordon Hayward, who can now technically be dealt.

Of course, just because a player can be traded doesn’t mean there’s any chance he will be. While many notable players became trade-eligible on February 6, it’s merely a technicality for the ones like Hayward who aren’t going to be brought up in any trade discussions this season.

Today then, we’re focusing on several newly trade-eligible players who are noteworthy not because of their star power but because they’re viable candidates to be moved in advance of this season’s March 25 trade deadline.

Approximately 90 players became trade-eligible on Saturday, so the list below makes up less than one-tenth of that group. You can check out the full list here.

Here are eight notable players who are now eligible to be traded:

Rajon Rondo (Hawks): The Hawks signed Rondo to be a reliable backup to point guard Trae Young, but that hasn’t happened yet...