Eetu Selanne the 15-year-old son of the great Teemu Selanne was in Calgary this past week working out at a prospect camp with the WHL's Calgary Hitmen. The thing is he's a year late. No there are no issues or anything like that. But the younger Selanne was given an invitation to join the Hitmen's camp last year when he was 14 he was just unaware he was invited at all. He can blame dad. He explained to the Calgary Sun. "[The Hitmen] invited me here before last season but I was in Finland" Eetu Selanne said. "When I came back it was put in the wrong pile of mail. "It was put in my dad's fanmail. And there's so much of it. I couldn't find it until a year later. I looked at the date and it was the same day but a year later. "I said 'this is bad.' I missed the camp." No harm no foul. Selanne was able to join the Hitmen in camp this year but it's just a prospect camp he won't be able to join the WHL team or anything yet. Still it was one year of camp missed all because of dad's immense popularity. Think about that it took a whole year for the letter to be found in the fanmail pile. As far as Calgary can tell Eetu was worth the wait. He made an impression -- a good one of course -- in the camp.