Considering all that Eduardo Rodriguez went through in 2020 -- from COVID-19 knocking him down and keeping him bedridden for two weeks in June to the myocarditis diagnosis in July that wiped away his entire season -- it would be understandable for the lefty to be mainly looking to get back on his feet as Spring Training gets underway.

However, Rodriguez has come in with a totally different mindset, one fueled by a rigorous offseason.

He plans on picking right up where he left off in 2019, when he busted out with a career-high 19 wins while making all 34 of his starts.

"That's what I was working on this offseason, to get my body ready, to get my mind ready, to get everything ready," Rodriguez said. "My conditioning, everything. I was working on that to be available to go out there every five days be able to throw 30-plus starts. I feel in that position right now, I feel stronger right now, I feel better. My shoulder is good. I threw a bullpen [session] a couple of days ago and it feels fine, it feels great. I feel ready."

Not only does Rodriguez plan on pitching like he did two years ago, but he plans on doing it for a team that he thinks will exceed just about everyone's expectations.