Boston Red Sox infielder Eduardo Nunez lamented the fact that David Ortiz was shot in their native Dominican Republic, calling the incident an "international shame."

Nunez, who is friends with Ortiz and shares an agent with the former Red Sox star, told ESPN's Marly Rivera that he spoke with Ortiz on the phone Tuesday, less than two days after the shooting at a club in Santo Domingo.

Although Nunez said he was happy to hear that Ortiz is recovering, he said Dominican players feel "embarrassed" that a "legend" like Ortiz was shot in their homeland.

"Just thinking about the fact that this happened to him in the Dominican Republic, it is unimaginable," Nunez told Rivera on Wednesday. "For us, as Dominican players, it's a very bad image. It is an international shame.

"We feel very embarrassed about what happened to him because he is a legend from our homeland, and this happened to him in our homeland."