When the news came down in 2016 that Adam Larsson had been traded straight up for Taylor Hall , many mocked the Edmonton Oilers for the return they received from the New Jersey Devils. After all, Larsson had a career-high of 24 points in a season and didn’t seem like a true top-pairing option. 

Part of the reason the Oilers targeted Larsson, however, other than his handedness, was his contract. He had signed a six-year, $25 million deal with the Devils in 2015 that meant he would carry just a $4.16 million cap hit through this season. Hall was more expensive at $6 million per season and, now five years later, has played for four different teams.

The deal looks a little more even now that Larsson has established himself as the Oilers’ best shutdown defenseman and will look even better if they can manage to sign him to a reasonable extension.