It was just like David and Goliath, if Goliath would have won a split decision. The Edmonton Oilers gave the best team in the NHL everything it could handle Monday, but just as the underdogs were about to shock the hockey world with the biggest upset of the season, they were beaned in the forehead with Marian Hossa’s sling-shot. Giants 3, Little Guys 2 (OT). “For us it would have been a big statement game if we were able to break the streak,” said Sam Gagner, after the Blackhawks extended their record for the best start in NHL history to 16-0-3 at the expense of the scrappy, but not quite scrappy enough, Oilers. “Once we didn’t do that (beat them in regulation) we wanted to find a way to do it in overtime, and we weren’t able to do that. “It’s unfortunate that we squandered the lead, you feel it’s a point lost because of that.” All the Oilers get is a single for getting the game to extra time. Even though they took Chicago to the brink, they don’t even have much for the moral victory column. “It’s an excellent point against the strongest team in the NHL right now,” said head coach Ralph Krueger. “But of course you feel pain having the lead going into the third period. It’s definitely something you dream and believe, that you can close it.”