Edmonton Oilers coach Todd McLellan looks healthy, dropping about 30 pounds, and it’s not because he’s been fasting until his hockey club finds a way to win more than one game a week. The coaches are doing their job, now it’s up to the players to do theirs. “It’s our job to have them prepared and positioned, but we can’t go on the ice and play for them,” said McLellan. “We can push them and prod them and poke them. But at the end of the day, they need to make decisions that aren’t always easy. They happen very fast. They need to commit themselves to doing things that are right more than wrong, which will give us a chance at winning.” Leon Draisaitl agrees with that. It’s the players’ responsibility. “This is on us players,” he said. “We’re not ready to go and we can’t seem to string too good games together,” he said. McLellan would like to wrap up the Oilers hugely disappointing 8-13-2 season so far and in 25 words or less say exactly why they’re nowhere near last season’s team, but it’s not that easy.