This time around, Steve Tambellini was not holding the ‘For Sale’ sign. With his team in a playoff race, the general manager of the Edmonton Oilers wasn’t about to move assets at the trade deadline to acquire draft picks or prospects. The only move he did make added a roster player. “That was an important message in itself, where yes, there were a lot of different scenarios where I could have moved people for mid-round picks or maybe a little higher in a couple of other circumstances,” Tambellini said. “But that wasn’t my goal coming into this trade deadline. It was to find help and not take away from the depth of our dressing room or the people that we asked to compete so hard to get to this spot. It was to show them that we trust this group and they have a wonderful opportunity to get to the playoffs here.” Heading into Wednesday’s game against the Calgary Flames, the Oilers were one point out of the eighth-and-final playoff spot in the Western Conference. It’s a position they have not found themselves in too often recently leading up to the trade deadline.