Remember last season’s AFC Championship Game, when Patriots quarterback Tom Brady channeled his inner Ty Cobb? Brady went into a slide on a scramble, but stuck one leg up in the air as Ed Reed approached. The Ravens safety tried to hurdle Brady’s cleats, but couldn’t quite clear him, getting struck on the leg by Brady’s foot. Other than firing up the Ravens and resulting in a $10,000 fine for Brady, the play apparently had another effect. Reed, now a member of the Texans after signing as a free agent, said that is what caused the injury for which he recently had hip surgery to repair a torn labrum. “Only play I can look at is when I got kicked by a certain quarterback,” Reed said, as reported by the Houston Chronicle. Reed this week spoke to the Houston media for the first time since the April 30 surgery and made his case that he’ll bounce back and be a contributor for the Texans this year. “Even [after the AFC title game], I played in the Super Bowl and you saw what happened there,” Reed said. “Even then I had two MCL sprains, a second-degree one in the left in the Super Bowl in the first quarter and played through that. So if you’ve got any questions about my heart and how I play and how I work,” there’s the answer.