The Bulls haven’t quite sent out a flare signal for a point guard, but since trading Derrick Rose it’s been a revolving door that doesn’t look to stop moving anytime soon. The dreaded phrase “point guard of the future” has been uttered four times in the last year or so, and if the old adage about quarterbacks applies to point guards (“if you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have any”) the Bulls are in deep manure. It doesn’t take the perfect point guard to fit Fred Hoiberg’s system but of the vague job description one requirement is circled with a big red marker. “Get the ball to Lauri Markkanen.” The rookie surprise was the invisible man in the Bulls’ embarrassing loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder Saturday night, only getting three shots before halftime after making his first two very early in the first quarter. Hoiberg tacitly declared the point guard position open, having intimated as much after Kris Dunn’s finger injury started to heal. Jerian Grant has led the Bulls in assists in every game and averages nearly seven in the first five but is shooting 33 percent from the field and six percent from 3-point range. Dunn, the most recent apple of the Bulls’ eye at that position, struggled in his early minutes Saturday but became productive later — albeit after the Bulls were being waxed by the Thunder.