When the Indiana Pacers finally made a decision regarding Paul George over the summer, the trade they decided on -- George to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis -- was viewed with more than a fair bit of skepticism. It was part doubt that Oladipo and Sabonis were really all that great, and part surprise that the Pacers couldn't get more for one of the league's elite forwards. After the first few weeks of the season, the early indications are that the Pacers might not have gotten swindled on that deal after all. That's because Oladipo and Sabonis have been flat-out tremendous in Indianapolis. In fact, to this point, George has arguably been the worst player out of the three involved in that trade. Obviously that isn't to say either of those players are better than George; no one thinks that. However, it does illustrate how strong the Pacers' two new youngsters have been. And Sunday's last-second victory over the visiting San Antonio Spurs was a perfect example. Let's start with Oladipo. Not only did he finish with 23 points, four rebounds, and five assists, he stepped up with the game on the line. Everyone will remember him knocking down a game-winning, step-back 3-pointer over LaMarcus Aldridge's outstretched arm with just 10 seconds to play.