There are many good things about Major League Baseball's return, but it hasn't taken long for one of the lesser aspects of the sport to come to the forefront.

Yes, replay reviews are also back. And yes, they're still often frustrating.

Mind you, "frustrating" is putting it kindly regarding what happened in the ninth inning of the Philadelphia Phillies' 7-6 win over Atlanta on Sunday night. Upon review, replay officials ruled Alec Bohm safe at home with the go-ahead run even though it looked like he never touched home plate before he was tagged.

Before that, another controversial replay decided the New York Mets' 3-2 victory over the Miami Marlins on Thursday. Michael Conforto was confirmed to have been hit by a pitch with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth inning, but he had clearly leaned in to a pitch that ended up in the strike zone.

By the letter of the law, both rulings were correct. But rather than an excuse to shrug, they provided an excuse to consider ways in which MLB might change said letter of said law.