The freezing weather might take the blame, but it’s cold elsewhere in the NFL and no other game has a scoreless first half. The Eagles and Cowboys have played the ugliest game of the day thus far, combining for 11 first downs, nine punts, eight penalties and 216 total yards. It marks the NFL’s first scoreless first half since 2011 in a game between the Broncos and Bears. Denver won 13-10 in overtime. Philadelphia’s last scoreless first half came in 1998 against Arizona. The Cowboys were last held without any points in the first half against the Lions in 2002. The highlight came when Eagles punter Donnie Jones forgot to take off his sweat pants and hurriedly took them off on the field before a punt. The Eagles went 0-for-5 on third down after going 1-for-14 on third down last week. They are 0-for-1 on fourth down today too.