Most preseason games are not worth the hype and forgotten before they begin. Tonight's clash between the Patriots and Eagles could be another. But it is the first time Chip Kelly can see if the hyper-speed offense he ran so effectively at Oregon will apply at the NFL level and it's the first chance the Philadelphia fans have to let their new coach know what they think about him in a game setting with Andy Reid gone after 14 seasons. Having watched these two teams practice jointly this week I can tell you I agreed with the assessment of some of the Eagles players who said they thought the Pats were trying to bully them. It looked like they were having their way with the Eagles at times. But as preseason games go this has more sizzle than the norm and the press box figures to be nearly as packed as when Michael Vick made his preseason debut a few years back after emerging from his incarceration on dog-fighting charges. Here are a few things to look for tonight: 1. Eagles QB contest. Kelly sounds like he'll be giving bonus points for a QB who can run his offense and move the chains even without working with the starters. That could mean good things for Nick Foles who will sub for Vick. 2. Will Kelly show his cards? How much of his offense does he reveal? How fast is the tempo? Is it base vanilla stuff or does this feel like more than a glorified dress rehearsal?