After the second week of organized team activities, the excitement and euphoria surrounding the Eagles somehow increased another level from the first week. Understandably, after four years without a playoff win and just four wins last season under head coach Andy Reid, any change would’ve been embraced by Eagles fans. Even if owner Jeff Lurie hired the low-key Charlie Manuel, the unfed football faithful would’ve felt satiated with the Phillies manager crossing Broad Street to run these offseason practices. With former University of Oregon coach Chip Kelly bringing his no-huddle offense, blaring music and scientific training methods from the West Coast to South Philadelphia, the change from Reid is drastic. This perception of any change from Reid is good. Truly, the Eagles needed it. And change has certainly arrived in Kelly – like Clint Eastwood in “Pale Rider,” coming down from the mountains on a white horse to whip evil. Perhaps some good spaghetti western music should be played with Kelly speaks at his news conferences. Even the media – beaten down by years of boredom in Reid’s Kingdom – seem energized by the intriguing Kelly. He probably should replace his green visor with a white cowboy hat. This gold rush of excitement and euphoria will likely increase again Tuesday when Kelly holds the final week of the OTAs. But as Kelly should know, all the excitement really comes down to blocking and tackling, just as football did 50 years ago when Vince Lombardi revolutionized the game with his motivational and offensive tactics. We won’t begin to know if the Eagles can block and tackle any better than the last two years until mid-summer when training camp starts. Until then, this exciting and euphoric ride is fine. But only for enjoyment’s sake.