Nick Sirianni has been very specific on what the Philadelphia Eagleshave been working on with Jalen Hurts throughout training camp. Footwork has been the driving force of the coaching staff, as the Eagles believe Hurts will be more consistent with the proper technique -- and deliver better throws as a result. 

The Eagles aren't trying to develop Hurts into a pocket passer, but they want him to be better in the pocket. What makes Hurts a starting quarterback in the NFL is the ability to extend the play with his legs, an aspect of his game Sirianni hasn't forgotten about. 

"Again, it is, it's like the wise man avoids all extremes," Sirianni said prior to Eagles camp practice at Lincoln Financial Field Sunday. "You can't just say, 'Everything has to be on rhythm,' or, 'Everything has to be a run.' We're trying to get him to play in some rhythm while still using his talents as a runner. 

"It's just putting him -- again, it's calling the plays and running plays that we think that he has a chance to be successful at. So right now, it's still figuring out does he like the stuff over the middle? Does he like the stuff to the sideline? Does he like stuff over the ball? Does he like to be on the move?