It has only been three games so it’s hard to get a gauge on whether Chip Kelly’s offense truly represents the next wave or if it’s a gimmick that will eventually fade away. For now it’s clear that the purpose of Kelly’s offense is to hide the inadequacies of the Eagles’ defense. Maybe that will change once the Eagles get better players on defense especially in the secondary. We have seen the consequences when the offense sputters. That was evident in the Eagles’ 26-16 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs Thursday night. The Eagles committed five turnovers. Michael Vick was responsible for three of them throwing two interceptions and losing a fumble. It was eerily reminiscent of Vick’s previous two seasons when he was both turnover- and injury- prone. But Vick is clearly the best-suited quarterback to run Kelly’s offense this season. He can make throws that backups Nick Foles and Matt Barkley can’t. His 22-yard touchdown pass off his back foot and just as he’s getting leveled by a Chiefs defender to Jason Avant in the corner of the end zone is proof of that. He also can run which was evident by his 61-yard gain in the first quarter followed by a 24-yard run later in the period. “I thought he really kept some things alive (against the Chiefs) with his feet and gave us a dimension from that standpoint” Kelly said. Vick however is 33 and he’s basically on a one-year contract. There are some draft-eligible quarterbacks whom the Eagles could take to eventually run Kelly’s offense. One could be the quarterback Kelly recruited to Oregon in Marcus Mariota. It’s clear that the Eagles will need that type of quarterback who can throw accurately make good decisions and run the read-option. The irony of course is that the Eagles could have had the prototypical quarterback for Kelly’s offense under previous coach Andy Reid either in a trade for San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick which reported last week or by drafting Russell Wilson. According to the report the Eagles didn’t pursue a Kaepernick deal after the 2011 season because they felt they could draft Wilson in the third round in 2012.