The Philadelphia Eagles are expected to be aggressive in advance of Tuesday's NFL trade deadline, and while the San Francisco 49ers stole the show Monday night with their deal for Jimmy Garoppolo, another big name appears to be on the radar in the City of Brotherly Love. The Indianapolis Star's Stephen Holder reported Monday that the Colts, reeling at 2-6 with lingering concerns about Andrew Luck's health, could be open to moving 34-year-old running back Frank Gore and that "at least two teams have discussed the possibility" of acquiring the five-time Pro Bowler. One of those teams, according to a report, was the Eagles. Former Eagles president Joe Banner speculated via Twitter that Philadelphia could be in the mix for Gore, saying, "Keep eye on Eagles," but it was Crossing Broad's Kyle Scott who suggested that the Eagles were, in fact, one of the clubs to call Indianapolis about Gore's availability.