Riley Cooper has a lot going for him on the field right now after the injury to Jeremy Maclin put him in the No. 2 receiver slot. Off the field however Cooper might have a big problem on his hands. one of the top Philadelphia sports blogs in the city obtained this footage of Cooper at a Kenny Chensey concert earlier this summer. The video is available to play below. In the video Cooper can be seen yelling the "n-word" towards someone (or a group of people) behind the camera. The complete context of the video isn't known. Still it's hard to imagine that any context is going to be viewed as acceptable. Cooper has issued an apology where he implies consequences could be coming. “I am so ashamed and disgusted with myself. I want to apologize" Cooper said in a statement. "I have been offensive. I have apologized to my coach to Jeffrey Lurie to Howie Roseman and to my teammates. I owe an apology to the fans and to this community. I am so ashamed but there are no excuses. What I did was wrong and I will accept the consequences.” Cooper is expected to meet with the media at some point tonight. There is also video of Cooper getting in a disagreement with a fan in the parking lot before the concert. Here is more information about the incident in the video from Prior to joining Chesney several Eagles teammates and Chip Kelly on stage for The Boys of Fall Cooper was with what looks to be Danny Watkins and Jason Kelce in a semi-private area near the stage. In a video that we’ve obtained we see Kelce and Watkins attempting to calm an agitated Cooper down just before he points in the direction of the crowd (and camera) and says as best as we can tell: “I will jump that fence and fight every ni***r here bro.”