Jason Peters paid a fine of $656.50 on June 21 after drag racing charges he accrued a week earlier were reduced to driving with improper equipment and resisting an officer by flight, according to the Monroe, La. district attorney's office. The Eagles tackle avoided a July 15 arraignment by paying the fine, and the case was officially closed, the DA's office said on Wednesday. Attempts to reach Peters were not successful. He is expected to report to Eagles training camp next Thursday with the rest of the full squad. The Eagles, who originally said they couldn't comment because of the "legal nature" of the matter, said Wednesday: "We are glad to hear that the issue has been resolved." According to the original arrest affidavit, Peters was pulled over in a white Camaro in the early morning of June 12 after an officer observed him apparently racing a blue sedan. When the officer turned on his emergency lights the sedan pulled over, but the Camaro took flight and exceeded speeds of 100 m.p.h. while the officer was in pursuit, per the affidavit. Peters was eventually caught, arrested and charged with drag racing, drag racing on a public road and resisting by flight. The drag racing charges were dropped, but Peters was assessed a fine for driving with an illegal muffler, authorities said. It was the second time Peters was arrested in Louisiana in the last two years. He was charged with disturbing the peace in Shreveport in March 2011 when he refused to turn down the volume in his car outside a Rick Ross concert. Earlier on Wednesday, Peters was awarded nearly $2 million when Kline & Specter, the makers of Roll-A-Bout alternative crutches, settled in a civil lawsuit.