It seems odd to predict the future contract of a player who is fighting for a starting job, but the British media loves stirring the pot. And Jordan Mailata – the promising young left tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles – is their new 6-foot-8, 346-pound mixing bowl.

The Daily Telegraph believes Mailata is about to join Ben Simmons, Jason Day, Patty Mills as one of “Australia’s highest-paid sportspeople” after his breakout 2020 campaign. The former Aussie rugby star was impressive in 10 starts last season filling in for injured left tackle Andre Dillard. Now it appears that eye-opening tryout could net Mailata up to $100 million, or $20 million per year.

Colin Scotts, a third-round pick of the Cardinals in 1987, shared his thoughts on Mailata’s upcoming contract negotiations in a recent interview. He reported the Eagles are ready for him to take over at left tackle and prepared to throw a boatload of money at the 24-year-old.

Interesting. Here is what Scotts told The Daily Telegraph:

There is a contract there and, from what I can gather, Philadelphia are ready for him to stand up and be their left tackle, which would be a major accomplishment. Offensive tackles are signing up for $20m (a year). The money is off the charts.

For his size, and the progression he has shown, Jordan could be worth $20m a year. That would put him right up there among the highest-paid athletes in Australian history, and deservedly so. Good on him.