On Sunday night, the Philadelphia Eagles went into Dallas and handed the Cowboys a 37-9 loss, which all but assured the Eagles will win the NFC East. After the win, running back Jay Ajayi piled on by saying the Cowboys "definitely" quit in the second half. From the Dallas Morning News: Does Ajayi feel like the Eagles made Dallas quit? "Definitely," Ajayi said when asked after the game. "We got it like a mindset kind of like you felt it close to the third, early fourth like we kind of had our way with them. And it was over after that." The Dallas Morning News added that Eagles receiver Alshon Jeffery said, "That was easy! That was light!" So, it's pretty much impossible to know for sure if the Cowboys quit in the second half, but let's run through a few stats. At halftime, the Eagles trailed 9-7. They opened up the second half with a 75-yard scoring drive. They followed that with a 90-yard scoring drive. Then they scored on an 85-yard drive. In all, the Eagles outscored the Cowboys 30-0 in the second half.