Perhaps the most surprising development after Day 3 of the NFL draft was a move the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t make. Zach Ertz remains on the roster after a flurry of trade rumors all offseason, including one guaranteeing he’d be gone by Saturday.

Nope. The three-time Pro Bowler is still locked in at TE1 on the team’s depth chart, leading many to wonder if Ertz might come back in 2021. His contract demands have yet to be matched, but the Eagles could potentially save $8.5 million if they cut or trade him after June 1. The waiting game continues on the 30-year-old Super Bowl champion.

“You just want to be fair,” Eagles general manager Howie Roseman told reporters. “You just want to find outcomes that not necessarily are great for the team and not good for the player, but just fair. Just stuff that everyone can kind of feel like you know what, this works for everyone. And not only in this situation with Zach, just generally I think that’s the most important thing.”