Chip Kelly didn’t shut the door on rumblings that DeSean Jackson could be on his way out, fueling further speculation that a team like the Jets could end up with the Pro Bowl wide receiver. "I like DeSean,” Kelly said at the league meetings on Wednesday. “DeSean did a really nice job for us, but we’re always going to do what’s best for the organization.” Woody Johnson admitted Sunday that the Jets have had internal discussion at the very least about Jackson, but general manager John Idzik tempered those remarks by reiterating that Gang Green does thorough research on all possible player options. Kelly didn’t discuss whether the Eagles would file tampering charges against the Jets. “I don’t get involved in that stuff, honestly,” Kelly said. “I’m glad that other people handle that.” Why would Johnson admit to having discussions about Jackson if the Eagles aren’t shopping the wideout? “I don’t know,” Kelly said. “You could ask him.” Kelly didn’t delve into any potential inquiries from teams that may be interested in acquiring Jackson. “I don’t think it’s beneficial for me to talk about any player on our team whether inquiries have been made or haven’t been made,” Kelly said. “I don’t think that’s the proper way to do business, to be honest with you.” Kelly admitted that he called Jackson this week amid growing speculation that the team wants to part ways with him. "I’ve talked to DeSean,” Kelly said. “When you deal with situations like that, everything you do is player-to-player, player to coach. We’ve had a good conversation and we’re always going to do what’s best for the football team. But I think he knows where we are, I know where he is, so I feel very comfortable about it. But my conversations with him aren’t things I think I need to have a conversation with anybody else about.”