Whether or not receiver Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith took below market value to come to Philadelphia and play for the Eagles might never truly be known. What is crystal clear, however, is that they feel they did -- and they took that discount to come play with quarterback Carson Wentz. A reality in their minds that puts some added pressure on Wentz in his second season. In his first season in the NFL, Wentz was everything the team could have asked for off the field. He handled the pressure of playing as the No. 2 overall pick perfectly, earned the respect of his teammates and dealt with the spotlight perfectly. On the field, however, he showed he has obvious room for improvement. At times last season, Wentz was very erratic with his passes, especially deep over the middle of the field. He also showed trouble reading opposing defenses. That trouble resulted in interceptions being thrown right into the hands of opposing defenders more and more as the season went on. For as many flashes as Wentz showed last season -- and he showed plenty -- he still ended the season 18th in passing yards, 25th in touchdowns and ninth in interceptions. His passer rating of 79.3 was in the bottom half of the NFL among starting quarterbacks. Despite the pedestrian numbers, the Eagles have little reason to be worried about Wentz in the long run. He showed enough in spurts last season that the Eagles should be confident that when he puts it all together, he can be an elite quarterback.