The Eagles safety situation was a mess when Patrick Chung last started and played an entire game, back in Week 2 against San Diego. Chung had a terrible game in the Eagles’ 33-30 loss on Sept. 15. So did fellow safety Nate Allen with the missed tackles and the poor coverages. Rookie Earl Wolff, meanwhile, seemed lost on the field, either being in the wrong position or taking a bad angle to the ball. Back then, the Eagles were in a rotation at safety because they were desperate to find a combination that could work. The situation is much different now. Chung missed four of the next five games with a shoulder injury before returning in a reserve role last Sunday against the Oakland Raiders. During that time, Wolff got his first NFL starts, and Allen became much more dependable. As the Eagles prepare to face the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, they’ll likely go back to a rotation at safety, but it will be from a position of strength. “I think Earl is growing at a great pace,” Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis said. “I really like some of the production he has out there. Nate [Allen] has made improvements, and we talk about that every week. Patrick was very steady for us before he got injured and now he’s coming back. We’ll only benefit from a rotation going on back there. Who gets what amount? We’ll kind of go by feel. “It’s a good problem to have, if you want to call it a problem, which I don’t think it is.” It took a while for the Eagles to get to this point. Wolff’s first NFL start came in a 52-20 loss to the Denver Broncos in which quarterback Peyton Manning picked apart the Eagles’ secondary. Wolff said he made what he called “little mistakes” that Manning took advantage of. Some of that was understandable. Manning is one of the best quarterbacks of all time, and Wolff was an overmatched rookie.