Jalen Hurts has been QB1 for the duration of Philadelphia Eagles’ training camp. He has taken every first-team rep on offense while winning over the locker room with his confident leadership.

And Hurts has been the only quarterback to routinely address the media, another job reserved for the starter. His positive-slanted, life-guiding analogies don’t hurt either. Yet the Eagles have refused to officially name him the starter. Fans accepted the 23-year-old as the new guy under center ever since Carson Wentz was traded. Now the national media is coming around after seeing Hurts excel at camp.

NBC Sports’ Peter King hasn’t yet visited Eagles’ camp, but he already went on record saying that the organization wants Hurts to succeed. This narrative about them wanting to tank for Deshaun Watson has been over-embellished.

King told NBC Sports Philadelphia the following back in April:

I think that for those who think that Jalen Hurts can’t win this job, I think the Eagles desperately want him to win this job. Because then they will be able to spend draft choices to build a great team in 2022. Instead of having to package a bunch of picks to be able to move up to get the next quarterback. They don’t want to do that. They want Jalen Hurts to play great.