One of the most surprising trades that happened on trade deadline day saw Dwyane Wade go from the Cleveland Cavaliers back to the Miami Heat, but maybe it really shouldn’t have been that surprising and it seems like the writing was on the wall. When longtime agent Henry Thomas passed away a few months ago, Wade was deeply troubled and he talked with Michael Lee of Yahoo! Sports about how he needed that reunion. “I think I had a little depression that last couple of days in Cleveland, This definitely gave me a little jolt. I’ve never lost anyone close to me, that Ioved. So this definitely has taken a little time to get over. But being back here kind of helps that, being in my environment, my comfort zone with people that love me and that I love. That was a sad moment.” It all happened at once for Wade. He had lost his close personal friend and agent, the Cavaliers were struggling and had a lot of locker room issues, and he made some peace with Pat Riley and the Heat, which opened up the door for a return.