Normally, the Heat cannot survive a slow start to the season from Dwyane Wade. The Heat teams he led to the playoffs for two years prior to the acquisition of LeBron James and Chris Bosh would have been cooked by January if his foot wasn't on the peddle to start the year. But since the Heat signed Bosh and James, Wade has begun the season with underwhelming production. And naturally, James and Bosh are good for a win on most nights, so there have been no effects from this, other than Wade eventually rounding into form as the team prepared for deep playoff runs. This season has been no different, but we want to identify this trend and see it for what it is. It could be natural decline for a 30-year old shooting guard. Many will point to that. It could also just be that he has not entered these seasons as prepared as usual, which I don't think is the case. Much of it is injury, which has been clearly a factor to start at least two of the last three years. But before we cause to much alarm about Wade's decline, we have to take something into account.