The overriding concern is the left knee, with Dwyane Wade offering an encouraging update on that front. But the focus Tuesday was on the feet, or, more to the point, the iconic image that won't be adorning them anymore. Dwyane Wade and Michael Jordan no longer are a couple. Confirming what has been speculated for weeks, Wade said Monday he no longer will endorse Nike's Jordan Brand. "I did mutually part ways with the Jordan umbrella, with Jordan and Converse," Wade said after testing his sore knee Tuesday for a second consecutive day at Miami Heat practice at AmericanAirlines Arena. "I had great nine years but we have mutually parted ways and I'm moving on." Wade said the departure did not have anything to do with specifically with Jordan, who now owns the Charlotte Bobcats and had made appearances alongside Wade amid their marketing agreement. "We had a great three years. It's just the time. We went our separate ways," Wade said. "I still feel honored to have represented my favorite player of all time and his brand, and the opportunity I was given. I'm not disappointed at all." Wade was careful to remove his sneakers following Tuesday's practice before meeting with the media, handling his interview session in a pair of flip-flops, saying, "I'm just working in my new shoes." He now will become the face of China-based apparel company Li-Ning, with that formal announcement likely to come during next week's Heat preseason trip to China. While Wade declined to confirm the Li-Ning agreement, Heat teammate Shane Battier, who has his own China shoe deal, effectively did.