Dwyane Wade has no problem saying what everyone in the universe and all surrounding galaxies already know. "I'm the second option on this team" he said at the team's media day on Monday via the Miami Herald. "Point blank. Let's say it." Combine the two facts that LeBron James is unmatched in the league as an individual player and that Wade has struggled with knee and injury issues and yeah it's obvious. It's so clear now but when the Heat came together there were legitimate concerns and questions about it. Wade has always had an alpha dog game and personality same with LeBron. There were struggles as they tried to figure each other out but as they've gone along roles have become more clearly defined and within that an understanding of how to play. Wade's a smart guy and he figured out for the Heat to win he needed to take a step back. Sometimes I think that was an unintentional step back as in the Eastern Conference finals where he struggled. But it's fair and correct for him to say he's the second option. He's willing to admit that much. Just don't tell him he's not a top 10 player.