As things get worse for the Cavaliers, which certainly happened Sunday, the finger pointing has begun. "I mean, to be honest... we've gotta play harder," said reserve center Channing Frye, after the Cavs lost 117-115 to the depleted and, until this game, hapless Atlanta Hawks. "We have to play harder and I think we have to be more, more, attentive to details and I think we just have to have a better sense of urgency," Frye said. Frye, like most in the Cavs' locker room, was talking about the team's starting unit, which trailed the Hawks by 16 in the first quarter and has routinely fallen behind by double digits early. We know who Frye was referring to generally because he was asked what the Cavs should do about these bad, rotten first quarters and he shot back: "Usually I don't get in till the second half, so y'all gotta talk to one of them." Frye was also part of the group of reserves who partnered with LeBron James to fight back from a 16-point deficit with about 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter and nearly win it. Frye's open 3 with one second left would've won the game had he made it. Dwyane Wade scored 25 points off the bench. Cleveland was already down 16 when he entered the game with 4:09 to go. His 19 points from that point through the end of the first half brought the Cavs back into the game.