When Dwyane Wade was traded to Miami on Feb. 8, Heat president Pat Riley told the 12-time All-Star: “You just ate your last meal of pancakes with syrup and with whip cream and strawberries on top. We’re back to veggies.” It’s been just three weeks since Wade returned to Miami, but his new diet is already making a difference as the Heat prepare to host the Lakers on Thursday. “I’ve leaned down,” Wade said after Wednesday’s practice. “It wasn’t my weight. It was body fat more than anything. I’ve leaned down for sure and I’ll continue.” With the Heat known for their frequent body-fat measurements and weigh-ins, Wade doesn’t have much of a choice. The 36-year-old understands the regimen after spending the first 13 seasons of his NBA career in Miami. “He’s been working at it behind the scenes,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said Wednesday of Wade. “He knows what the program is. He doesn’t have to be that guy for 38, 40 minutes a game. But he can be pretty special in those 25 minutes as you saw last night. When it’s winning time at the end, he’s still as lethal as anyone in this league.”