Dwyane Wade said before Wednesday’s game that his injured right knee is causing him more pain than the left knee injury that hindered him in last year’s postseason. This year’s injury is a bone bruise. Last year’s injury involved cartilage in the knee and required arthroscopic surgery in July, forcing him to miss the Olympics. Despite not having a game the past week, “I feel the same,” Wade said. “Time doesn’t help me right now. It’s unfortunate I’ve had to deal with this thing for two months now. “When I feel great, I’m going to attack. When I don’t, I know how to be a team player and give of myself for other guys. … Even though my knee isn’t 100 percent, it ain’t gone.” Maturing Pacers guard Lance Stephenson said he is a more mature player than the one who gave the choke sign to LeBron James during Game 3 of last year’s playoff series. Stephenson apologized after that incident, and James said at the time: “Lance Stephenson? You want a quote about Lance Stephenson? I’m not even going to give him the time.” On Wednesday, Stephenson reflected on the incident: “I was trying to be involved in that game, yelling at guys at the free-throw line. I was just trying to get in his head. It was a mistake to be doing that.” Stephenson has blossomed into a capable starter filling in for Danny Granger, who missed most of the season. Though Larry Bird stepped down as Pacers president last June, Stephenson said he and Bird “talk all the time before games” and Bird offers him tips and “key points” about the opponent. “For a legend like that to have so much confidence in me let’s me be more confident,” Stephenson said. “He tells me to play smart.”