The Lakers have talked plenty about what ails them. Rarely have they corrected them. But Dwight Howard's father told the Atlanta Journal Constitution his son needs to have a sit-down conversation with Kobe Bryant and coach Mike D'Antoni. The involved parties said they're not interested. Instead, the Lakers (24-27) say they're focused on today's game against the Miami Heat (33-14) at American Airlines Arena. "I'm done talking about it," Bryant said. "There's nothing to discuss. It's silly." The Lakers had a meeting two weeks ago in Memphis, part of which centered on Bryant confronting Howard about his frustration surrounding his role. "He's his father. He should defend his son," D'Antoni said. "But I thought we had that in Memphis. We're good." Howard also had little interest in adding to the storyline. "My dad is a grown man," said Howard, who grew up in Atlanta. "That's how he feels. We'll leave it at that." Howard offered a similar comment on his dad's assertion he will re-sign this summer with the Lakers. But Howard at least appreciated the support. "That's what's he's supposed to do, support his kid," Howard said of his father. "He's going to do the best job he can at it."