On one hand, we hold a little bit (but not much) of love in our hearts for Dwight Howard. After all, he is the first bona fide superstar to EVER say he wanted to join the Nets, the first superstar to EVER demand a trade to the Nets. Other superstars have threatened to play in Italy if selected by the Nets in the draft (Kobe Bryant) or faked a migraine to show how badly he wanted out (Jason Kidd) or admitted to screaming for joy when he learned he'd been traded (Vince Carter). Of course all that ended when in the early morning hours of March 15, 2012 he decided to waive his early termination option and stay with the Magic for the rest of the year. Nets executives who thought they were going to complete their master plan that morning woke up instead to news the deal was off, because of Howard. He ruined their day and every Nets fans' day, week, season. He ruined his friendship with Deron Williams and saw his already tattered reputation further worn.