wasn't planning on writing a FA piece on Dwight Freeney, but as it turns out, he apparently had a brief phone conversation with Adrian Peterson where the RB expressed an interest in him coming aboard the longship. (Hat tip to @VikingsFanPage on Twitter.) Normally when I write a FA piece, I discuss why it could be a possible good idea for the Vikings to pursue the individual in question. I'm going a different route here- I really don't think Freeney is a fit at all, and I sincerely doubt Spielman and co. will even bother placing a phone call. (Although they might, supposedly they are quite thorough.) A few things- yes, Freeney is (technically) a linebacker. Yes, he is a seven time Pro Bowler, and was never really one of those "hey let's pick Jeff Saturday over John Sullivan DURDEEDURRRR!!!" picks, either. Yes, the Vikings are in need of linebackers.