The New England Patriots have a lot of question marks surrounding the wide receiver position for the 2013 season. Brandon Lloyd is the only wide-out from last year’s receiving core under contract and there is some hearsay that even he may be cut. If Lloyd is in fact released, then there are endless possible avenues the Patriots could pursue to build their wide receiving core for the upcoming season. A couple days ago I depicted why Percy Harvin would be a great fit for the Patriots offense, especially if Wes Welker decides to depart via free agency. The problem with acquiring Harvin, though, is it would likely cost the Patriots either its first round pick or the combination of its second and third round picks. Bill Belichick covets his draft picks and he may be reluctant to give up draft selections for a player that has had behavioral issues in the past. Therefore, the Patriots may be more suited to look at free agency to enhance their thin wide receiving core. There are three coveted free agent wide receivers that could make an immediate impact on a new team. Greg Jennings and Mike Wallace, two of the best wide receivers in the league, are free agents but early reports link Jennings to the Miami Dolphins and there is growing speculation that Wallace is headed to the Cleveland Browns. This leaves free agent Dwayne Bowe as the most sought-after impending free agent. Bowe may be even more talented than Jennings and Wallace as Bowe has been able to put up insane numbers since breaking into the league in 2007, despite playing for a Kansas City Chiefs squad that has had issues at the quarterback position for quite some time. Bowe caught 59 passes, for 801 yards and three touchdowns last year and has corralled 415 receptions, for 5,728 yards and 39 touchdowns in his NFL career.