Dwayne Bowe was on vacation when he learned he’d be signing a career-changing contract that moves him from the one percent to the 0.1 percent, and good for him. He deserves both. Earned it all. After news of his five-year contract agreement broke, the star receiver went on social media to thank the Chiefs for “the call that changed my life,” and it was so very Bowe: camera angled up, what looks like a beautiful beach setting in the background, and Bowe on his cell phone, in sweatpants and a shirt with a word you don’t say around polite company. No matter how his career ends — and he’s one catch, 1,578 yards and 18 touchdowns from the franchise records for receivers — Bowe’s career obituary in Kansas City will touch on his knucklehead tendencies. His explanation on his different nicknames, from “D-Bowe” in normal life to “The Show” for a great game to simply “The” for a dominating performance. The suspension for performance enhancers, which he blamed on a mistake by his grandmother. The pointing at the back of his jersey after catches, even while the Chiefs are being blown out. A newspaper once quoted a league source calling Bowe “the single biggest (idiot) in the NFL,” and he earned the title. Mostly, that is all history and the power of first impression. Focus on the more recent — as Bowe, now 28, has grown older — and you see that he has earned this chance. Bowe could’ve been a problem last season. No NFL player likes taking the franchise tag, and Bowe did it for what turned out to be the league’s worst team. His quarterbacks were bad and worse, defenses worried little about anyone besides him and Jamaal Charles, and Bowe was still a terrific teammate. When a report surfaced that he wanted out of Kansas City, he shot it down to The Star with immediacy and clarity. Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/03/04/4100213/bowe-has-shown-progress-and-chiefs.html#storylink=cpy