With Germany one of the nations on the planet who have most successfully dealt with the Coronavirus outbreak over the past few months, all eyes will be on the Bundesliga tomorrow, as the competition in the first of the big five leagues on the continent to resume activity.

Beyond delivering top level competitive football for starved sports fans across Europe and the rest of the world, though, tomorrow’s BuLi restart will offer an opportunity for punters who don’t normally cast their eyes towards the German league to have a gander at the talent therein, and, by extension, draw up a list of potential targets for their own club.

One player who will be putting his wares on display on Saturday is Wout Weghorst. The Dutch striker is currently in his second season at Wolfsburg and sits fifth in the scoring charts of the Bundesliga, behind illustrious names such as Robert Lewandowski, Timo Werner and Jadon Sancho.