Reds manager Dusty Baker made it very clear before the question about Aroldis Chapman was asked again: “I’m not going to use Chapman in the eighth,” Baker said. “It’s too early. Something happens to Chapman, you’re stuck with the people everybody wants you to stay away from. The days of the eighth-, ninth-inning closers ... That’s kind of is by the wayside. “There are so many closer games now if you use him two innings, you’re not going to be able to use for a couple of days. What happens when you get on one of those streaks where you’ve got to have a closer two or three days in a row. Now if it’s later in the season in September ... I was also thinking Chapman takes longer to get loose in the bullpen so you don’t have much time. You’d have to get him up in the seventh and end up wasting him.” Baker is not alone in this. Of the top five pitchers in the National League in saves, only one, Edward Mujica of St. Louis, has gone more than one inning this year. He went two once in a loss. “Why would you want to go against what’s happened?” Baker said. “The days of Rollie Fingers and Goose Gossage and some of these guys having two- and three-inning saves are gone.” But the bullpen is obviously struggling. What’s the fix if it’s not more of Chapman? “We’ve got a couple of choices: We’ve got to figure out a way for the guys to get back to quality. The guys that’s their job. Or we’ve got to go out and get somebody else to help us. (Reds general manager Walt Jocketty) has explored it. But it’s very tough. When they put the other Wild Card there’s a whole bunch of teams still in the race. That’s something else. “We’ve got to figure out a way to get to Chapman to bridge that gap.” One of the Reds main setup men, left-hander Sean Marshall, is on the disabled list. Another, right-hander Jonathan Broxton, is dealing with a sore elbow. Broxton had an ultrasound Friday that revealed swelling in his right elbow. He is day-to-day.