Johnny Cueto is not going to WBC, the Reds exercised their right to keep him out because he ended the year with an injury. “I don’t if happy is the word,” Baker said. “I’m more relieved than anything. I understand the pressure on him from being from Latin America. If he was a 10-game winner, there wouldn’t be as much pressure as being a 19-game winner.” Joey Votto is on Canada’s roster, but he’ll wait until the WBC reporting date in early March to decide if he’ll play. Baker is fine with Votto making the call. “Joey’s a big boy,” Baker said. “Joey knows what’s best for him. He also knows what’s best for us. He’s been in contact with Walt (Jocketty) and myself. But Joey is also kind of a private dude. He ain’t going to tell you. You’ve got to respect that.” Votto missed 50 games after knee surgery last year. He has shown no signs of the injury in camp. “So far, it’s been great,” Baker said. “That’s all you can go on. I can’t predict what’s going to happen in the future. But the further he’s a away from it, the less apprehensive he’ll be. I had knee injuries, too. At first, every move is a calculated move. After a while, it becomes a natural move. The first injury is hell, man. . . It’s as much mental as it is physical.”